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  Title Chill Out Fido, and Understanding Canine Fear and Aggression
  Speaker Nan Arthur, Sarah Mullen
  Date(s) June 5-6, 2010
  Location San Ramon, CA
  Fee $110 per day,
$200 for both days,
$15 early sign up discount,
$10 shelter employee/volunteer discount
  Host Organization Positively Trained
  Contact Person Donell Ellingson
  Contact Email
  Contact Phone 415-408-8169

  Description of Seminar/Conference

Day One- Chill Out Fido:

Does your dog go bonkers when the doorbell rings or when you grab the leash to take him for a walk? If you find your dog is often difficult to control, you are not alone! Getting your dog to calm down and relax is one of the most common challenges pet parents face.

This presentation will help you first identify the factors that cause this kind of behavior in dogs, then it provides you with eleven key training exercises to teach your dog how to calm down, pay attention to you, relax, and respond to every day situations with confidence and composure. Chill Out will show you how to help your dog become the great dog you always knew he could be.

Get results by learning about:

  • The interrelated factors that can cause your dog's over-active behaviors.
  • The impact that diet can have on your dog's inability to relax.
  • The basics of modern positive dog training that are the key to solving these common problems.
  • How to reward your dog for relaxed behaviors and avoid inadvertently reinforcing your dog's wildness.

Step-by-step training exercises that deal with the most common situations where dogs tend to have trouble staying calm.

Day 2- Understanding Canine Fear and Aggression:

What's in your dog's toolbox? What is in your toolbox when you work
with him? This seminar will help you gain effective tools for helping your (or
your clients') aggressive, fearful or reactive dog improve both how he feels and how he behaves.

From the dog's point of view, every act of aggression is justified, so it is important to understand how to recognize potential problems before a dog puts aggression into his toolbox. If he already has the aggression tool in there, you will need to help him stock his toolbox with better tools to get him into his comfort zone without the need for aggression.

In this seminar, we will discuss techniques to help our dogs achieve comfort and safety without using that aggression tool, including video from case studies with wild species as well as dogs to illustrate the techniques being presented. It is important to know how to manage and prevent aggressive and fearful behavior, but beyond that, we will suggest approaches to changing the motivations behind those behaviors; helping dogs to feel better in the world, as well as giving them better tools in their toolboxes for those times when they find themselves outside their comfort zones.


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