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Behavior by Bailey at Sea

  Speaker Dr. Robert E. (Bob) Bailey
  Date(s) September 2 – 9, 2017
  Location Cruise line/ship: Holland America / Maasdam
Embark: Montreal, CANADA
Disembark: Boston, MA (USA)
(You will need a valid passport for travel)


Approximate costs (PER PERSON in US$)
- approximately USD $1500 (cabin, food, on-board entertainment)

LECTURES – USD $375 (total price) paid directly to Bob via PayPal

See website for more information.
  CEUs Pending
  Host Organization

Behavior by Bailey at Sea

  Contact Person Leigh Sansone
  Contact Email

  Description of Seminar/Conference

Bob Bailey is back with a new seminar..... at sea! He will be teaching during a seven day cruise, setting sail from Montreal and sailing to Boston, September 2-9, 2017. If you're interested in booking passage for this unique learning experience see below and for more detail, go to

Sep 2 – Welcome, meet & greet Cash bar
Sep 3 - Quebec No Formal activities
Sep 4 - Cruising 1000 -1100 Lecture 1 audio visual (AV) & white board (WB)
1500 - 1630 Lecture 2 & Discussion (AV)(WB); Evening Discussion - no AV time and duration depends on dinner and other activities
Sep 5 - Prince Edward Island 1500-1630 Lecture 3 & Discussion (AV)(WB); Evening video, presentations, and discussion (AV)(WB) time and duration depends on dinner and other activities food & cash bar
Sep 6 - Sydney NS 1500-1630 Lecture 4 & Discussion (AV)(WB); Evening Discussion - no AV time and duration depends on dinner and other activities
Sep 7 - Halifax - Activities ashore - NO LECTURES - tentatively scheduled to meet with Dr. Simon Gadbois with Dutch treat lunch ashore; Evening Discussion - no AV time and duration depends on dinner and other activities (WB)
Sep 8 - 1500-1630 Lecture 5, wrap-up & Discussion (AV)(WB)
Sep 9 - No Formal activities
Lectures will not conflict with port of call excursion times, EARLY dinner seating, or other activities (LATE shows, etc)


YOU MUST BOOK YOUR CRUISE THROUGH Anne Neff Smith of Travels Unique (see website for more info) and not through any other agent, entity, nor through the cruise line itself in order to be part of this seminar group.

Please feel free to contact us with questions, and we will answer them before you make a commitment. Thanks!


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