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  Title Out of the Lab and Into the Field:
Performance Dogs in the Real World
  Speaker Bob Bailey and Parvene Farhoody
  Date(s) September 21 - 22, 2013
  Location Orlando, FL
  Fee Two days $290 ($260 before 7/21)
One day: $160 ($145 before 7/21)
  CEUs IAABC 7.5 CEUS/day
CPDT: 5.5/day for CBCCs: 7.5/day for CPDTs
  Host Organization Dogs of Course
  Contact Person Dana Crevling
  Contact Email
  Contact Phone 508-529-3568, M-F, 8am-7pm EST

  Description of Seminar/Conference

Bob likes to say that anyone can eventually get behavior from an animal. But getting reliable, strong behavior, effectively and efficiently takes an understanding of behavioral technology. Bob and Parvene have decided to try something different. This seminar is specifically designed for a particular audience: trainers with experience at getting behavior but who truly strive to be better. Spend two days opening yourself up to the possibilities of training beyond what you thought possible, leaving antiquated thinking behind, as you join Bob and Parvene for an intensive two-day seminar/workshop. This seminar is filled with new content designed specifically for those whose dogs need to perform where and when they are called upon. This could be in the context of obedience, search & rescue, detection, agility, hunting trials, police or assistance work of every kind. Great training is what is needed whenever a dog needs to perform consistently with an excellent standard of performance. That means the dog needs to want to work. If you’re humble enough to not blame the dog when things go wrong but ask yourself what could you have done better, then there is much for you in this seminar.

This is a “how to” seminar; it presupposes the audience already has some training experience. It will not provide easy cookie cutter recipe answers, but will provide detailed information about how to use teaching mechanisms to train behaviors to a higher standard of excellence. As Bob would say: training is simple, but it’s not easy. You have to provide patience, skill, and the discipline to follow the systematic steps necessary to get there. It requires humility and the ability to be open to try new things.

This will be a serious, intensive, seminar. Bob and Parvene will cover a great deal of material, including observing as training teams work their already skilled dogs on new behaviors in order to demonstrate the principles being discussed.

We all know that “advanced training” is nothing more than the excellent application of behavior principles. This seminar will cover the latest in applied behavior analysis including: response strength, resistance to extinction, persistence of behavior in context shifts, response cost, behavioral economics, matching law, stimulus control, stimulus/response generalization, and more. Bob and Parvene go far beyond “good enough” behavior to high-end consistent excellence.

Bob and Parvene have chosen to give a series of seminars designed to build on previous seminars. Those participating in this one will be welcome to advance to the next. What Bob and Parvene feel is needed is a chance for trainers to develop their skills of applying behavioral technology. These seminars are designed so the participant can go home, incorporate the new information into their skill set, and continue to grow.


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