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  Title Bailey-Farhoody Operant Conditioning Cueing Workshop
  Speaker Bob Bailey, ScD & Parvene Farhoody, MA

July 13th – 17th, 2016

  Location Raynham, MA
  Fee $1500
  Host Organization Behavior Matters, Inc. and Performance Plus K9 Activity Center
  Contact Person Pam Jacques
  Contact Email

  Description of Seminar/Conference

The Five-day Cueing Workshop is one of the second-level of the five (5) Bailey-Farhoody Operant Conditioning (chicken training) Workshops. The Cueing Workshop and the Criteria Workshops must both be taken (in any order) before taking the Chaining and the Teaching Workshops.

The Bailey-Farhoody OC Workshops are unique and challenging workshops with a 70-year history as the premier hands-on program for animal trainers and anyone wishing to learn applied behavior analysis procedures for changing behavior.

Objectives: Teach applied behavior analytic procedures; plan and institute simple training tasks, especially those behaviors under stimulus control (on cue), including stationing behavior. Emphasis in this Workshop is on shaping skill, evaluating behavior, allocation of training resources, (including time) and introduction to data collection and analysis. Behavior Economics and its value in training (Matching Law and Behavioral Momentum) is also discussed.

Prerequisite: Successful Completion of the Discrimination Workshop

Content: Most useful trained behaviors are initiated, controlled or “cued” in some way, (i.e., a behavior occurs when and only when the handler wants it to and does not occur when the handler does not want it to). The Cueing Workshop is designed to teach effective ways of establishing cues or stimulus control. Understanding what stimulus control is and how to get it is a skill that can always improve in speed and accuracy. In Cueing, chickens are trained to perform behaviors and these behaviors are then placed on a specific cue. Sometimes cues are used as prompts early in training and then changed to new cues. Sometimes well-established cued behaviors are tied to new cues, an exercise in extinction. Intense focus is placed on the nuances of an animal’s behavior. The trainer learns that it is not just getting accurate and precise behavior; it is getting behavior quickly and accurately that is the true indication of a trainer’s skill. Serving as a coach, the student learns to observe and constructively criticize trainer behavior. Fluency, latency, accuracy, and not being satisfied with “Good Enough,” and other practical training concepts are presented in the lectures and discussions and demonstrated in the training room. Behavior Economics as a view of animal behavior is presented in detail.
One evening (dinner is provided) is devoted to presentations and discussions on various topics of interest to trainers. Students are invited to participate by bringing video and entering into discussions.

Performance Plus K9 Activity Center
57 Commercial Street
Raynham, MA 02767


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