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  Title Bailey-Farhoody Chaining Workshop
  Speaker Bob Bailey, ScD & Parvene Farhoody, MA

July 27th – 31st, 2016

  Location Raynham, MA
  Fee $1500
  Host Organization Behavior Matters, Inc. and Performance Plus K9 Activity Center
  Contact Person Pam Jacques
  Contact Email

  Description of Seminar/Conference

The Bailey-Farhoody OC Workshops are unique and challenging workshops with a 70-year history as the premier hands-on program for animal trainers, and anyone wishing to learn applied behavior analysis procedures for changing behavior.

Objectives: Plan and implement training programs: Think, Plan, Do. Budget trainer resources, (reinforcers, time, etc.). Evaluate the strength of trained, individual responses, and piece them together; train a behavior chain. Apply certain Behavior Economic concepts to training practices. Further examination of systematic training for training behaviors requiring increased effort (duration, intensity, distraction, etc.). To demonstrate the skills learned in Discrimination, Cueing and Criteria, by accomplishing within minutes and hours what once took days to achieve!

Prerequisite: Completion of BOTH Cueing and Criteria Workshops.

Class Limit: 18 Participants, 2 Stand-by (usually taken from the waiting list, these participants are prepared to step in and work with birds if any participant does not show up or must leave unexpectedly).

Content: This Workshop puts together the foundation skills from previous Workshops and increases the level of difficulty of behavior for both participant and chicken. Students evaluate their chickens’ progression of behavior on a special apparatus. Based on the evaluation, the student then plans and trains a number of other simple to moderately difficult behaviors. Then, according to a plan, the student assembles and demonstrates the trained behaviors in a moderately difficult behavior chain. Emphasis is placed on attaining behaviors quickly and accurately, and with the least expenditure of resources, and then on being able to maintain these behaviors within a chain. Serving as a coach, the student learns to observe and constructively criticize trainer behavior. Fluency, latency, accuracy, and not being satisfied with “Good Enough,” and other practical training concepts are presented in the lectures and discussions and demonstrated in the training room. Behavior Economics as a view of animal behavior and as the basis for training methodology is discussed and incorporated into training plans.

One evening (dinner is provided) is devoted to presentations and discussions on various topics of interest to trainers. Students are invited to participate by bringing video and entering into discussions.


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