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  Title The Instructor Training Course: Teaching and Training
  Speaker Carolyn Barney, Pia Silvani, Sue Sternberg
  Date(s) May 25-30, 2015
  Location Accord, NY
  Fee Registration if you register on or before 1/31/15:
$1245 - Full Registration: 5 days, all activities and hands-on learning
$695 - Auditor Registration: 5 days, auditing privileges only
A $150 non-refundable deposit is required for registration. Full payment is due 60 days prior to the start of the course.
Registration if you register after 1/31/15:
$1395 - Full Registration: 5 days, all activities and hands-on learning
$795 - Auditor Registration: 5 days, auditing privileges only
  CEUs IAABC Full registration - 36
Auditors - 35.5
CPDT-KA and KSA Full registration – 30
Auditors - 30
CBCC-KA Full registration - 11.75
Auditors - 6.5
CBCC-KSA Knowledge Full registration – 6.5
Auditors - 6.5
CBCC-KSA Skills Full registration – 5.25
Auditors - N/A
  Host Organization Dogs of Course
  Contact Person Dana Crevling
  Contact Email
  Contact Phone 508-529-3568, M-F, 8am-7pm EST

  Description of Seminar/Conference

This professional course is designed to improve your effectiveness as an instructor. Whether you are just starting out, re-thinking your teaching methods or need a shot of enthusiasm, this innovative program will provide you with knowledge and skills critical for success. Taught using a hands-on, interactive format, this course combines practice instructing, video analysis, group discussion, lecture and training shelter dogs. Along with opportunities to instruct or present on various topics and skills, you will be given study assignments each evening to provoke thought, increase understanding and enhance your ability to articulate ideas. We will concentrate on helping you to think critically so you can teach effectively! We take pride in our reputation for a safe, supportive, and friendly learning environment.

The curriculum is designed to improve your competency as an instructor and is applicable to all types of instructing. You apply it to your area of expertise. Subjects covered will include: canine learning and behavior, stress in dogs, canine temperament, shelter dogs, evaluating training philosophies and methods, getting behavior to happen, behavior chains, using the right equipment, how to meet your students’ needs, classroom management, and how to develop your own unique style to create a fun, motivating class.

You and a partner will be assigned a shelter dog to care for and train. During shelter dog manners class and practice instructing sessions, your dog will be part of the class. This course element simulates real classes where undeveloped relationships, limited communication and unruly behavior are common dynamics. As a “student,” you will experience some of the problems and frustrations from a different perspective.

By the end of the course, your shelter dog will have new skills. The intensive week of professional training will improve his/her chances for a successful placement. You will take home a feeling of accomplishment and pride knowing that your expertise has made a difference in a homeless dog’s life.

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