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The S.A.N.E. Approach for Challenging Dog Behavior


Kathy Cascade, P.T.(Physical Therapist) and International Tellington Touch Instructor

  Date(s) May 16-May17, 2015
  Location Titusville, NJ

$210.00 per person, $225.00 per person attending with a dog

  Host Organization Doing Right By Rescues
  Contact Person

Pam Morgan

  Contact Email
  Contact Phone 609-955-0248

  Description of Seminar/Conference

This two-day Sensible And Non-threatening Education (S.A.N.E.)workshop will present effective, kind, tools and techniques which influence an animal’s ability to cope with situations they perceive as stressful.  This workshop allows time for individualized  work, tailored to  your dog’s needs.   The goal is to reduce arousal and reactivity, promote stress free handling, increase trust of people, build confidence and ultimately improve an animal’s bond with you.  The techniques also increase the chances of finding, and staying in that forever home for rescued, fostered or shelter dogs. 

Instructor Kathy Cascade combines her professional training in physical therapy, along with her many years of helping numerous dogs by instructing others via S.A.N.E. Solutions concepts, and Tellington Touch Techniques  ( a way of working with animals which induces a state of relaxation and increased body awareness-beneficial to those on both sides of the leash). 

This is designed as a small, hands- on workshop, limited to eight dogs and twelve people.  This workshop is appropriate for those who have challenging, reactive dogs, those who work with, foster or do volunteer work with dogs.  Individuals who want to learn more to improve their relationship with their dog and have tried other methods, not yet reaching their desired relationship will also benefit from this workshop.
The event is held at the Doing Right By Rescues Zen-like tutoring facility surrounded by acres of beautiful protected woodlands.  Salad bar type luncheon is included.  Please register very early to ensure your spot at this limited engagement workshop.  You will leave the workshop with concepts and techniques which you can share with others, or call upon for years to come, to support the animals that will cross your path in life. 


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