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  Title See The Dog(TM) and
Introduction to the Clothier Animal Response Assessment Tool (C.A.R.A.T)
  Speaker Suzanne Clothier
  Date(s) April 16 & 17, 2010
  Location Guelph ON Canada
  Fee Early Bird $125/day until Feb 15 then $150/day
  Host Organization Dog's in the Park
  Contact Person Sue Alexander
  Contact Email
  Contact Phone 519-826-5315

  Description of Seminar/Conference

See The Dog(TM)

Observation is at the heart of all training and animal handling. Learning how to see the dog is a skill that will inform and enlighten your approach to dogs and other animals. When you can see and properly assess details of behavior, you can make better choices for that dog as an individual. However they come to you, this workshop will help you work more effectively with all dogs in your life.

Introduction to the Clothier Animal Response Assessment Tool (C.A.R.A.T)

CARAT(TM) (Clothier Animal Response Assessment Tool) is a novel assessment system that categories behavior traits in multiple components that are intuitive and practical. CARAT(TM) traits are core temperament observations based on function and how the dog adapts to the stimuli presented. Adaptive behavior is the typical performance of individuals in meeting environmental expectations. Adaptive behavior changes according to the age, experience and environmental demands.

Since CARAT is not a test but rather an observational assessment of characteristic patterns of response, CARAT is applicable in any context. CARAT identifies what is specifically contributing to the overall behavior, whereas other scoring systems simply describe or score an overall behavior.


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