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  Title Debunking Pit Bull Myths
  Speaker Jeff Coltenback
  Date(s) July 23, 2013, 7 PM ET
  Location Webinar
  Fee $35 (50% donated to Pitty Rescue, Inc.)
  Host Organization Dog Trainers Connection
  Contact Person Bonnie Brown
  Contact Email
  Contact Phone 917-621-6239

  Description of Seminar/Conference


If you work with bully breeds, you'll want to attend this webinar on July 23rd presented by Pit Bull specialist/trainer - Jeff Coltenback.

Jeff’s on a mission to change the public’s mind and negative view of his beloved breed – the Pit Bull. Even when Jeff started studying dog training in the 1990’s Pit Bulls were misunderstood. It was at that time that Jeff realized that Pit Bulls would be the primary focus of his life’s purpose.

Now he wants to share his expertise from training, evaluating and working with hundreds of Pit Bull type dogs – work that has crystalized his love and devotion to helping Pit Bulls. One by one on this webinar, he’s going to debunk the myths and negative publicity that Pit Bulls get from the media and elsewhere.

Covered in the webinar:

• Working with a Pit Bull type dog

o What makes them different?
o What makes them tick?
o The myth surrounding working with “Pit Bulls”

• Evaluating the pit bull

o Reading a dog with cropped ears and Body Language
o Breed characteristics and tendencies
o Normal vs. abnormal behavior and response to stimuli and stressors

• Training the Pit Bull

o Training vs. behavior modification
o Positive reinforcement, punishment and extinction
o Tug of war – the best training game to play with a pit bull
o Lifetime maintenance programs for behavioral consistency

• The Dog Trainer’s Role and Responsibility

o Educating owners on a pit bull’s needs
o Making their pit bull client an ambassador

Q&A During the Webinar.

This is an opportunity to hear Jeff share his knowledge and expertise on all things pit bull and to support Jeff's non-profit organization Pitty Rescue, Inc.

After you make payment, you will receive a link with instructions on joining the webinar on July 23rd.


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