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  Title Introduction to The Key between Motivation, Control and Performance
  Speaker Monique de Roeck
  Date(s) April 1 & 2, 2017
  Location Melrose Park, IL
  Fee $200 for a working spot & $125 for an auditing spot
  Host Organization For Your K9
  Contact Person Nancy Reyes
  Contact Email
  Contact Phone 847-671-6844

  Description of Seminar/Conference

This is the same seminar on both days.

It's no surprise that a dog’s behavior is influenced by their immediate environment and the actions of their handler. Handlers are accustomed to using observable behaviors to gain insight to their dogs emotional state, but, typically few take the time to try and see the world from their dog’s perspective. In this seminar, Monique De Roeck teaches participants to look beyond the commonly used tell tale signals such as tail carriage, ear positions, facial expressions and presence or absence of calming signals to read their dogs. Participants will be taught to see the world from the dog’s perspective by asking themselves the following questions:

How does my dog see the world?
How does my dog feel in this moment?

If your goal is to eliminate or minimize unwanted behavior and replace it with more desirable behaviors by using positive means, you must be able to communicate in a way your dog understands. A lot of “problems” are created by miscommunication between the handler and their dog. A handler may think ‘my dog knows exactly what I’m saying’, where in reality the dog does not or in that given situation can not respond appropriately. This disconnect leads to frustration on both ends of the leash!

There are no recipes when it comes to dog training. Dogs are all individuals unique in their own way! You will learn to approach dog training by acknowledging and respecting a dog’s individuality, limitations and potential. By learning to recognize where your dog’s capabilities lie within any given training moment you can begin to create an environment that challenges the dog, but, is still within a context where learning can take place. Learning to look at the challenges from the dog’s perspective, will allow you to give support where needed as you teach your dog new skills or ask for more from them in a given situation.

Together we will put “Theory into Practice”! First, we will cover how to interpret the dog’s body language and behavior. This will enable us to better understand their current emotional state which will give us insight into how the world may look from their point of view. Second, we will learn how to use this information to adjust our training to make it easier for the dog to connect his behaviors with predictable outcomes. As with any “working team” good communication is key to success!

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