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  Title Setting Up Your Own Aggressive Dog Classes
dog-ibox webinar
  Speaker Pamela Dennison
  Date(s) Friday September 6th from 1pm to 3pm EST,
This webinar is in EASTERN US time - use this handy link to convert the time to your time zone:
  Location Online Seminar
  Fee 24 USD for dog-ibox members
36 USD for non members
  CEUs 2 Pts for IAABC and CCDPT
  Host Organization dog-ibox
  Contact Person Julie Robitaille
  Contact Email

  Description of Seminar/Conference

Lately trainers running aggressive dog classes seem to be on the rise. This is good and bad. Good because people who own aggressive dogs have more options for working with their dogs than ever before. Bad because it means that aggression in dogs is on the rise. Good because more people are preferring to work with their dogs, rather than opting to euthanize, and bad because so many trainers who run classes are not qualified to do so, and often end up making the dog worse.

This webinar will discuss the how's and why's of working safely with aggressive dogs in either a group or private setting.

A few of the points that will be discussed:

Knowledge of the process
Knowledge of canine body language
Location, location, location
A Team of Neutral Dogs
A Plan
Before the first private
Will you do a phone consult?
Will you do an in person consult?
Pros and cons of each
At what point do you meet the dog?
Do you handle the dog?
Behaviors to teach
Developing intuition
And more!

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