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  Title Tomāto, tomäto; potāto, potäto – what’s in a word?
  Speaker Presented by Jean Donaldson & Dr. Susan Friedman
  Location Raising Canine Seminar on audiotape
  Fee $40.00
  CEUs CCPDT CEUs: 1.5
TX Registered Veterinary Technician CEUs: 1.5
  Host Organization Raising Canine
  Contact Person Susan Smith
  Contact Email
  Contact Phone 512-262-7103

  Description of Seminar/Conference

Have you ever argued for hours with a fellow consultant only to discover that you are both saying the same thing? Have you struggled to convince a client that their pet is not dominant – it simply doesn’t want to do something or understand what is expected? Although they have very different backgrounds and have spent decades working with different species, Jean Donaldson and Dr. Susan Friedman, have discovered that they share many of the same issues and solutions. In this telecourse, four articles will be discussed, two from each author, as they have addressed the great dominance debate and the need for a standard trainer’s lexicon. Plan to join Jean and Susan in a discussion of the relevance of terminology and dominance. The debate over terminology and effective communication is raging within the companion animal communities! The dominance construct has permeated the dog, cat and parrot communities, and has even worked its way into the world of rodents and reptiles! This course will help you get a handle on exactly what dominance is (or isn’t!) and how the terminology of behavior can help you be a better consultant and help turn our chosen avocation into a respected profession!


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