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  Speaker Dr. Ian Dunbar PhD BVetMed MRCVS
  Date(s) 9/26/15
  Location Madison, WI
  Fee $90 Early Bird before 8/29
$110 Standard
  Host Organization James & Kenneth Publishers
  Contact Person Jamie Dunbar
  Contact Email
  Contact Phone 800 784 5531

  Description of Seminar/Conference

All is not well in the world of dogs.

Most puppy raising practices are just plain awful and dog training has become overly complicated, time-consuming, laborious, technical and impersonal, lacking in communication and relationship. Drastic changes are urgently needed.

Dr. Ian Dunbar has spent over four decades lecturing on dog behavior and training and has given well over 1500 days of seminars and workshops around the world and so, there’s no one better qualified to evaluate the state of dogs today and frankly, he’s beyond upset. However, Ian is determined to make a change and so, come and listen and learn and be a part of the change.

Nearly all puppy/dog raising, training and behavior problems are utterly predictable and so easily preventable. Breeding dogs that are free of inheritable disease so they get to enjoy long lives with their human companions is really not that difficult. Moreover, raising well-mannered puppies that are housetrained and thoroughly socialized (prior to three months of age) to be “bombproof” around people is as easy as it is enjoyable.

Owners need to be taught:
1. How to use food lures and rewards to quickly train dogs to be under reliable verbal, off-leash, distance control and then phase out the food and instead, praise dogs like we really mean it.
2. How use their voice to effectively deal with misbehavior and off-leash non-compliance without having to shout and certainly, without causing fear or pain.

Communication and Caring are the Essence of Relationship


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