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  Title Dr. Dunbar All-Access Pass
  Speaker Dr. Ian Dunbar PhD BVetMed MRCVS
  Date(s) At your convenience
  Location Online
  Fee $10/month
  CEUs See below
  Host Organization James & Kenneth Publishers
  Contact Person Jamie Dunbar
  Contact Email
  Contact Phone 800 784 5531

  Description of Seminar/Conference

The Dr. Dunbar All-Access Pass is a subscription that will give you the ability to enjoy all of Dr. Ian Dunbar's online dog training resources.

Currently, that includes over 100 hours worth of video, almost all of which has been approved for CEU credit. You'll get access to 10 seminars and workshops, 13 videos and 4 books, all for just $10 a month, with the ability to easily cancel at anytime.

You'll also get exclusive early access to our latest online products. Currently, this pass is the only way to get Ian's latest online seminars:

Here's everything that's included so far, and we'll be adding more every month.

14 Days Worth of Seminars (6 hours per day):

  • 4-Day SIRIUS Dog Trainer Academy (21 CEUs)
  • 3-Day Science-Based Dog Training (with Feeling) (18 CEUs)
  • 2-Day Reliability & Games Workshop (12 CEUs)
  • Growl Class - A Workshop Demo for Reactive Dogs (6 CEUs)
  • Simple Solutions for Common Dog Behavior Problems (6 CEUs)
  • Crucial Concepts in Dog Behavior & Training (6 CEUs)
  • Practical Behavior Information for Veterinary Practitioners
  • New Concepts for the Treatment and Prevention of Dog Aggression (6 CEUs)
  • Dog & Cat Behavior Problems.(6 CEUs)

13 Videos (13 CEUs) 

  • SIRIUS® Puppy Training Classic (90 minutes) 
  • SIRIUS® Puppy Training Redux (40 minutes)
  • SIRIUS® Adult Dog Training (95 minutes)
  • Training Dog with Dunbar (65 minutes)
  • Dog Training for Children (85 minutes)
  • Every Picture Tells a Story (25 minutes)
  • Who Trains Whom (120 minutes)
  • Dog Aggression: Biting (90 minutes) 
  • Fighting (90 minutes) 
  • Training The Companion Dog (Set of four 60 minute videos):
    1 Socialization & Training,
    2 Behavior Problems,
    3 Walking & Heeling,
    4 Recalls & Stays

4 Downloadable PDF eBooks: 

  • How to Teach a New Dog Old Tricks (192 pages)
  • Dr. Dunbar's Good Little Dog Book (144 pages)
  • Before You Get Your Puppy (104 pages) 
  • After You Get Your Puppy (160 pages)


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