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PetSaverTM Pet First Aid Certificate Course

  Speaker Lisa Faust, Master Instructor
  Date(s) April 1, 2017
  Location Chardon, Ohio 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

$125 per person, pre-registration is required

  Host Organization Cold Nose Companions, LLC
  Contact Person Carol Peter
  Contact Email
  Contact Phone 855-286-3647

  Description of Seminar/Conference

They are members of our family, our best friends, and lifelong companions. You would do anything to help them. The PetSaver Program will give you the confidence to know you are prepared to act in the event of an emergency. It is an eight-hour course that will cover the following topics. Additionally, the class includes our PetSaver handbook, and upon successful completion each participant will receive a certificate.

The PetSaver Program covers the following topics:

  • Restraining & Muzzling  Any pet that is pain or is going to be moved into pain, can and will bite.
  • Primary Assessment  In the first 15-25 seconds of you being on the scene you will know what to do and what actions to take.
  • Rescue Breathing The pet patient had a heartbeat but is not breathing  
  • Canine & Feline CPR  The pet patient has no heart beat and is not breathing.
  • Choking Management   Conscious Choking, Unconscious Choking (Witnessed & Found)
  • Bleeding & Shock Management  Restraint, Muzzle, Elevation, Direct Pressure, Pressure Points, Immobilization, Shock Management & Transportation.
  • Snout-To-Tail Assessment for Injury & Wellness  A deliberate and systematic assessment from the snout to the tail of the pet with intent and purpose looking for any injuries the pet does not present to you or for wellness to create a base-line of your pet's health.
  • Assessing the Pet's Vitals  If you know what is normal for your pet then you will be able to quickly recognize when your pet is presenting not-normal
  • Pet First Aid Kit Contents  Equipment & Supplies for Putting Together Your Own Pet First Aid Kit
  • Insect Bites & Stings and Snakebite  Definition, Causes, Signs & Actions For Survival
  • Heat & Cold Injuries  Definition, Causes, signs & Actions for Survival
  • Seizure   Definition, Causes, Signs & Actions For Survival
  • Caring For Your Senior Pet-izen   Senior Pet-izen Care, Signs & Symptoms, Risk Factors & Euthanasia

All materials, including certificate, are provided with your registration and you will have hands-on practice during the class. This class is taught by Lisa Faust, Master Pet Tech Instructor. Take this opportunity to learn how to care for your beloved pet in an emergency.


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