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  Title Advanced Tools for the Modern Trainer: How to get Behavior - Better, Faster, Smarter dog-ibox webinar
  Speaker Julie Flanery
  Date(s) Tuesday, March 14, 2017
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Online Seminar / Webinar
1 – 3 pm EST


$24 for dog-ibox members
$39.90 for non-members

  CEUs 2 points for CCPDT, KP, IAABC and PPG
  Host Organization dog-ibox
  Contact Person Corinne Kaelin
  Contact Email

  Description of Seminar/Conference

Wishing your training had more bang for the buck?
Sometimes feel like your dog will never “get it”?
Spending too much time with too little results?

As performance trainers it can be difficult to get the precision and accuracy we need in the ring without drilling or putting pressure on our dogs. We can get trapped in the ritual of training without the dog actually learning the criteria we so desire – after all, if we are training, the dog must be learning – though not always our intended outcome. Our inability to get the criteria we want is often a product of unclear communication, ineffective reinforcement, improper cue transfer and a lack of creativity on the handler’s part to convey information. This webinar will benefit those working in or toward obedience, rally, Rally-FrEe or freestyle or other activities such as trick training that require a level of accuracy and precision not always necessary in pet dog training.

Topics include:
• Tools for more efficient and effective training
• Utilizing errorless learning
• Building value in behaviors
• Assessing reinforcement value
• Proper cue transfer

• The importance of handler mechanics



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