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  Title Parrots, Porpoises, Pooches and People: Mastering the ABCs of Behavior Analysis
  Speaker Susan G. Friedman, Ph.D.
  Date(s) April 6th and 7th 2013
  Location San Diego
  Fee $170 both days (pay by March 1st)
$180 for both days (pay after March 1st)
$95 for a single day
  Host Organization 4 Paws Training
  Contact Person Teryn Jones
  Contact Email
  Contact Phone 951-566-0988

  Description of Seminar/Conference

A Seminar in Behavior Change Connecting the Dots from Behavior Science to Best Practices

THERE ARE ONLY TWO KINDS OF PROBLEM BEHAVIORS: Behaviors that occur too often, and behaviors that don't occur often enough!

This seminar is designed to provide a comprehensive and cohesive understanding of applied behavior analysis to improve the lives of all learners in our care. The course includes over 200 instructional slides, video examples of many different species of animals, support materials and interactive activities. Participants will be exposed to the following topics:

1. The fundamental science principles of learning and behavior.
2. Functional assessment to understand and predict behavior.
3. An effective teaching technology to prevent and change problem behaviors.
4. Ethical guidelines for the implementation of humane behavior-change plans.

Using the most positive, least intrusive strategies disseminated at this workshop, participants will be able to effectively analyze, prevent and resolve behavior problems that inevitably arise.

All learners must have power to operate on their environment to live behaviorally healthy lives. We facilitate this power when we interact with them in such a way that they choose to do what is required for lasting relationships. To change our animals' behavior we first change what we do.

Susan Friedman will provide the information for students to quickly learn that once one has the right teaching tools to facilitate rather than force, behavior improves as does the quality of our relationships

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