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  Title Empower or Overpower? Reaching the Middle Ground with Our Clients and Our Pets
  Speaker Dr. Susan Friedman
  Location Raising Canine Seminar on audiotape
  Fee $35.00
  CEUs CCPDT CEUs: 1.5
TX Registered Veterinary Technician CEUs: 1.5
  Host Organization Raising Canine
  Contact Person Susan Smith
  Contact Email
  Contact Phone 512-262-7103

  Description of Seminar/Conference

What is the relationship between control and behavior health? Do we empower our pets and risk animal anarchy or overpower them and risk breaking their spirits? In this telecourse, Dr. Friedman discusses what science contributes to the current debate. She will give you answers to the most common client "yeah, buts…" such as, “Yeah but rewards are just bribes”, “Yeah but it’s hardwired”, “Yeah but what if the house burns down”. These ideas present very real obstacles to teaching clients to be effective behavior managers. Also discussed is a hierarchy of behavior change strategies to answer what science cannot: Is effectiveness our only criterion for selecting training strategies?

If you haven't yet taken a course with Dr. Friedman, you've missed an enlightening experience -- don't let it happen again! Dr. Friedman recently contributed the article called "He Says, She Says" to the APDT Chronicle, and she did a fabulous course for Raising Canine on Functional Assessment and Analysis. This is another exciting and valuable course!



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