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  Title Comparing and Contrasting Wolves and Dogs
  Speaker Wolf Park's Head Animal Curator, Pat Goodmann
  Date(s) June 21-23, 2013
  Location Wolf Park, Battle Ground, Indiana
  Fee $395
  CEUs CEUs through APDT
  Host Organization Wolf Park
  Contact Person Denise Pearson
  Contact Email
  Contact Phone 765-567-2265

  Description of Seminar/Conference

This seminar will look at the similarities and the differences in wolves in dogs. Many visitors that come to Wolf Park see the Staff interacting with our socialized wolves and comment "my dog does that!" Our wolves have been trained to do behaviors on command such as sitting and even
dancing, but make no mistake, they are not the same as your household pet!

Led by Wolf Park's Head Animal Curator, Pat Goodmann, who has over 38 years of experience working with captive wolves, this seminar will be insightful for everyone from the casual dog owner to world-class dog trainers, and of course for wolf lovers! During this seminar, you will get several opportunities to enter the enclosures with our socialized wolves and see how different they really are.

We will also discuss the differences between our wolves and their wild cousins. Some of the topics covered include dominance, fear and submissive behavior and dog evolution.

Early Saturday and Sunday mornings participants get to sit with Pat Goodmann, behavior guru, and observe the main pack while Pat narrates. These observation periods are a great way to see what is covered in the seminar first hand.

There are also two opportunities to join our popular Howl Night program after the seminar in the evenings. The seminar includes three very full days of activities.

All three lunches plus two simple breakfasts are included in the fee, plus a one year single membership to Wolf Park. We provide you with a ceramic Wolf Park mug for use all weekend, and as a souvenir. A binder with all basic information about Wolf Park will also be provided. Our Wolf Management Chapter and our Wolf Ethogram, which is used by researchers all over the world, will be given to participants upon arrival.


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