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  Title Containers with Confidence 2.0

Amy Herot, CPDT-KA, NACSW™ Co-founder

  Date(s) April 29-30, 2017
  Location  Hudson, MA

$250 - Two days, register and pay on or before February 28.  $295 - Two days, after February 28, 2017
$140 - Saturday ONLY, register and pay on or before February 28.   $160 - Saturday ONLY, after February 28, 2017
No Sunday only attendance.

  CEUs 6.5/day CCPDT. 6.5/day IAABC. 3/day NACSW
  Host Organization Dogs of Course
  Contact Person

Dana Crevling, CPDT-KA, CNWI

  Contact Email
  Contact Phone 508-529-3568, M-F, 8am-7pm EST

  Description of Seminar/Conference

Every competitor knows that Containers are not to be taken lightly. Most dogs have had hundreds of repetitions in training Containers so why would K9 Nose Work® teams ever lack confidence when working Containers in competition?

  • Is something missing in the training program?
  • Is equal time spent on training containers as other elements?
  • Has a training hole just been revealed?
  • Are the foundation skills kept sharp?

From ORT to NW3 to the Elite Division, the training must be layered to prepare the dog to solve the increasingly complex scent problems. The handler has their role in strategically managing the search while allowing the dog to do its job. Maneuvering confidently through a land mine of distractions against the clock takes experience, exposure, and excellent communication for both dog and handler.
This seminar, now a two-day event by popular demand, is chock full of information and options for setting up a Container training plan to increase skills and confidence. This new 2.0 version of Containers with Confidence adds Elite Division Containers and includes many new trial and class videos and updates from the field. New exercises and ideas on developing a training plan that works at any level should keep every competitor current on this continually evolving element. You’ll be ready to adjust your training program to accommodate any changes to Containers that arise in the future.
Using a combination of videos, power point, lecture and demonstration, Amy will take you through the challenges of Containers in this two-day, non-working seminar. The two days allow more time for troubleshooting and analysis of the videos and demos and to layer the learning for the demo dogs.
This seminar is open to all K9 Nose Work® enthusiasts that have a basic understanding of K9 Nose Work® training techniques.
Day 1:  Laying the foundation for training Containers:
The first day will review Container building blocks that lay the groundwork for setting up a training program at any level from ORT to Elite. Building a program which takes into account the learning history of the dog, and the team’s Container goals should help the handler decide how and when to introduce challenges like distractors, types of containers and odor problems.
Day 2:  Container challenges and troubleshooting:
The second day will dig deeper into the challenges that get added to the training program including troubleshooting complex odor problems like trapping and pooling odor, distractors, new types of distractors, container configurations, environment, handler skills and management of the search area.
Participants may opt to attend Day 1 only. Day 2 may only be attended if participants have attended Day 1.


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