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  Title Wayne Hunthausen, DVM
  Speaker Dr. Wayne Hunthausen
  Date(s) April 14 & 15, 2012
  Location New Berlin, WI
  Fee $80.00 for one day
$150.00 for two days
  CEUs CPDT - 6.5 CEUs
CBCC - 6.5 CEUs
  Host Organization Humane Animal Welfare Society of Waukesha County
  Contact Person Khris Erickson
  Contact Email
  Contact Phone 262-542-8851 x118

  Description of Seminar/Conference

Saturday April 14, 2012

Puppy & Adolescent Canine Behavior Problems
This session will include a discussion of how to help owners prevent and manage behavior problems that are commonly seen in puppies and young dogs. Topics will include principles of shaping behavior, recognizing potential problems, housetraining, play-biting, destructive behavior and more.

Kitten & Adolescent Cat Behavior Problems
Cats are often thought of as “easy” pets but surviving kitten-hood can be a challenge for some pet owners. In this session, attendees will learn important tips and techniques for helping families prevent and address problem behaviors that emerge during the first year. Play biting, destructive behaviors, socialization, habituation handling, litterbox training and behavior shaping will be discussed.
Feline Social Aggression Problems
Cats exhibit a wide variety of types of aggression from predatory aggression to territorial aggression. The severity can vary from mild play aggression to very severe forms of redirected aggression. Practitioners will learn how to differentiate between various forms of feline aggressive behavior, as well as how to counsel owners about how to manage and resolve them.
Common Sense Approaches to Feline Housesoiling Problems
Housesoiling is the most common behavior problem for which cat owners seek help. This presentation will include a systematic approach to housesoiling that can be used to formulate a diagnosis, prognosis and reasonable treatment plan. Pharmacological, environmental and behavior modification options will be discussed.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Canine Social Communication
This session will include an overview of canine social communication and how to read body language, facial expressions and behavior.

Treatment of Fears and Phobias
Fear can contribute to a variety of behavior problems including aggression, destruction and asocial behavior. During this session, a variety of fear-related behaviors (fear of people, fear of loud noises, thunderstorm phobia) will be considered as well as their etiologies. Common sense approaches to behavior modification, pharmacologic protocols and prevention will be discussed.

Home Alone: Canine Separation Anxiety Disorder
Separation anxiety problems are frustrating problems for pet owners that often result in damage to the home and injuries to the pet. This session will address criteria for diagnosing separation anxiety and developing a practical and effective treatment program. Behavior modification, environmental management, pheromones and medication will be discussed.

Canine Fear-Related Aggression
Fear and/anxiety or common underlying causes of aggressive behavior by family dogs. This session will address the causes and treatment of fear-related aggression problems.

Assessing the Risk of Injury by Aggressive Dogs
The potential to cause injury must be evaluated for pets that exhibit aggressive behavior. This session will focus on variables that can be used for assessing the danger that an aggressive animal poses to family, other animals and unfamiliar people.

Aggression Problems Between Family Dogs
Attendees will learn how to help families with dogs that fight with each other. This lecture will include a discussion of causes and treatment protocols for dogs within the same family that fight with each other.


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