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  Title Outside the Box Seminar
  Speaker Kay Laurence
  Date(s) March 17 & 18, 2015
  Location Melrose Park, IL
  Fee $250.00
  CEUs Pending
  Host Organization For Your K9
  Contact Person Nancy Reyes
  Contact Email
  Contact Phone 847-671-6844

  Description of Seminar/Conference

Be More Dog - March 17, 2015

Science pushes us forward, makes us explore and deepens our understanding. What evolves from scientific studies is often limited by strict protocols and test appropriate conditions. Applied directly we can inadvertently build barriers between us and our dogs. It takes imagination and creativity to transition the conclusions to real life with dogs.

This day is about listening to the science and blending it with a “be more
dog” approach. Taking the instinctive behaviours already active and waiting within our dogs and using them to provide a range of solutions and
management strategies.

The Natural Recall, emerging from the dog’s passion to be a co-operative

Walk Away is Cool, avoiding confronting situations.


Give It More Thought - March 18, 2015

Are we moving towards B or running away from A? Extinction and positive reinforcement are mirror images. How understanding extinction improves positive reinforcement strategies.

Becoming contingent detectives. Avoiding accidental extinction through thoughtful teaching of planned default behaviours.

How to stimulate creativity with resurgence. Extinction can force a dog to
be “reactive”, but using the same protocols we can provide them
opportunities for creative solutions.

Practical: Teaching defaults for specific contingents, relieve the stress of

Negative Reinforcement or just relief? A new view of traditional protocols.
Escape or avoidance surrounds us. Should be we looking at the emotional
intensity rather than positive or negative reinforcement? We may not pro-
actively use the strategy but that does not stop it working for us.

A shift in your mind set
We have inherited a training culture primarily based on diminishing, or
suppressing, unwanted behaviours in an effort to secure the behaviours we seek. Just because we use positive reinforcement have we actually changed our mind set or just added modern protocols to traditional views? Not so much sniffing around the wrong tree as in completely the wrong neck of the woods.

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