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  Title Kay Laurence 5-day Seminar
  Speaker Kay Laurence
  Date(s) July 20-24, 2016
  Location Novato, CA
  Fee $650 for a working spot (16 available)
$500 for auditing spot (50 available)
  Host Organization Marin Humane Society
  Contact Person Celeste Barker
  Contact Email
  Contact Phone 415-506-6280

  Description of Seminar/Conference

“We can teach with exquisite precision and achieve error-less results when we fully understand every component that affects our learner’s learning experience. Quality teaching begins with awareness of our interaction with the learner, and continues with taking responsibility for improving our own competencies, not just those of the learner.” –Kay Laurence

This is a progressive course building on each day to the next.

Day 1: Reinforcement
Day 2: Cues
Day 3: Teaching strategies
Day 4: The Seminar is Yours
Day 5: Directed learning strategies

*Bring a dog as your learning assistant, any age, leg at each corner, likes treats, and is comfortable in a group setting with other people and dogs. Dogs welcome from 16 weeks old, no upper age limit. Dogs will not get an extensive amount of training and must be content to rest and observe for most of the day.

This is a rare opportunity to learn directly with Kay Laurence at this West Coast Seminar.


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