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  Title NADOI 2013 Annual Conference - day 1 of 2
  Speaker Sarah Wilson
  Date(s) March 2, 2013
  Location Animal Resource Center, Oklahoma City, OK
  Fee NADOI member - $90 NON-Member $150 (discount given when registering for both Sat and Sun)
  CEUs 8 CEUs
  Host Organization National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors
  Contact Person Barbara Lewis
  Contact Email
  Contact Phone 405-604-0519

  Description of Seminar/Conference

Sarah will present a series of six short sessions. Registration for this seminar includes all six sessions.

Working with People: Getting the Results You Want in the Way You Want!

The dogs are the easy part of our work most of the time. It is motivating the people to make the necessary changes that is a challenge! Sarah went back and got her Masters degree because she was frustrated with her inability to get the people on board with the training. In this session, she shares simple and effective strategies that will increase your success with your human clients. You’ll leave with many new approaches that you can add to whatever programs/training you do.

Space Games: Simple Games for Big Results - Demo with Dogs

Learn Sarah’s favorite, foundational space games that build the bond/strengthen communication between people and their dogs. These games, developed and adapted by Sarah from her years of experience working with dogs, people and horses, increase trust, obedience, respect and two-way communication. These easy, fun games teach people how to use their body create control and connection.

What to Do When What You’re Doing isn’t Helping

Progress teaching both dogs and people is rarely a straight line process, and no one gets it “right” all the time. Sometimes things you think should work, don’t; sometimes things that used to work, stop working. And sometimes we just realize that we’re really no further ahead, even after some serious effort on something, than we were when we started. Having a plan for when the plan doesn’t go as planned is a good plan. Learn how to assess the situation both with your own dogs and others, discern what isn’t working, and then switch things up so success is more likely.

Making Your Idea Their Idea: The Art of Creating Eager Canine Participants- Demo with Dogs

Creating the desire in a dog to work with you, getting them to buy into your ideas completely, having them bright-eyed and eager to participate is a wonderful feeling of connection. Once we’ve experienced it with a dog, it is what we always want, and when we see it in other teams, we want it for ourselves. This session gives you concrete steps and games to use to do just that. As with all Sarah’s work, this is a goal-oriented approach rather than a method-based approach, so her ideas can be incorporated into your work seamlessly.

Problem Solving: Studying and Brainstorming Cases

What is the owner upset about? What is the real problem? What are some possible reasons this is happening? What approaches can you suggest? What are the pros and cons of these suggestions? (And most suggestions have some of both.) What are generally safe, universal suggestions? How can even these go bad?

Helping the Deficit Dog - Demo with Dogs

Deficit dogs are genetically sound dogs who missed critical early socialization. These can be rescues, pet store pups and even pups from well-intended but uninformed breeders. Deficit dogs need special handling, which can be counter-intuitive handling, to succeed. Sarah Wilson developed effective, transferable and easy protocols from her own hands on work and experience both personally and professionally, which she shares in this session.


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