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  Title NADOI 2013 Annual Conference - day 2 of 2
  Speaker Sue Sternberg
  Date(s) March 3, 2013
  Location Animal Resource Center, Oklahoma City, OK
  Fee NADOI member - $90 NON-Member $150 (discount given when registering for both Sat and Sun)
  CEUs 8 CEUs
  Host Organization National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors
  Contact Person Barbara Lewis
  Contact Email
  Contact Phone 405-604-0519

  Description of Seminar/Conference

Sue will present a series of three sessions. Registration for this seminar includes all three sessions.

Dog-Dog Engagements Between Unfamiliar Dogs—Why it’s So Risky

In this workshop, we will look at the most common behavior patterns displayed by groups of unfamiliar dogs. These include Mobbing, Bullying, Targeting, Hunting, and Group Chase. Not unlike unsupervised schoolyard kids, dogs can engage in mentally, emotionally and sometimes physically abusive behaviors. Viewing extensive video footage from hours and hours of dog park observations, we will examine why the healthiest play seems to occur between only two dogs, and familiar dogs.

Off-Leash Dog Assessments and Interactions

This workshop will detail all the behaviors (from healthy to slightly risky to downright dangerous) a dog engages in when interacting off-leash with other dogs. We will also cover how to set up a play-group to maximize benefits and lower risks.

Multiple Dog Households

This workshop concentrates on dog-dog interactions and behaviors as it pertains to owners with more than one dog. Special considerations need to be taken for owners with more than one dog, or owners considering adding another dog to their household. Very often, dogs with difficulties interacting appropriately with other strange dogs are the youngest or newest members of multi-dog households. What might the reason for this be? In this workshop we will be detailing the most common problems associated with having more than one dog, as well as solutions for treating these problems.


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