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  Title Environmental Enrichment Techniques for Companion Animals
  Speaker Dr. Joanne Oliva-Purdy
  Location Raising Canine Seminar on audiotape
  Fee $35.00
  CEUs CCPDT CEUs: 1.5
TX Registered Veterinary Technician CEUs: 1.5
  Host Organization Raising Canine
  Contact Person Susan Smith
  Contact Email
  Contact Phone 512-262-7103

  Description of Seminar/Conference

Because of our changing lifestyles, we must begin putting more thought into our companion animals’ mental and physical well-being. Most companion animals lead very sedentary, boring lives and this, as all trainers know, can lead to undesired behavior! Dr. Oliva-Purdy has worked in a zoo environment, where enrichment is a major part of the zookeepers’ job. It is important for the health and longevity of the animals that they be both physically and mentally fit. Dr. Oliva-Purdy will discuss types of enrichment for animals with examples for dogs, cats, birds and rodents. She will give you tools for your own animals, as well as tools for helping our client’s animals.


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