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  Title Motivation, Rewards, Reinforcement dog-ibox webinar
  Speaker Chirag Patel
  Date(s) Monday, August 5, 2013 1pm to 3pm (EST)
This webinar is in EASTERN US time - use this handy link to convert the time to your time zone:
  Location Online Seminar
  Fee 24 USD for dog-ibox members
36 USD for non members
  CEUs 2 Pts for IAABC and CCDPT
  Host Organization dog-ibox
  Contact Person Julie Robitaille
  Contact Email

  Description of Seminar/Conference

Motivation, Rewards, Reinforcement

During this webinar, Chirag will present on understanding and applying motivations, rewards and reinforcement in teaching. Explore what these words actually mean and what practical applications they have not just for the four legged learners but our two legged students too. Chirag will also discuss how we often set our students up for failure when using food and how we can change this. What else is there in our tool box and do we use this other stuff effectively?



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