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  Title A Playbook for Parents
  Speaker Colleen Pelar
  Date(s) March 12, 2011
  Location Potomac, MD
  Fee Free
  Host Organization Your Dog's Friend
  Contact Person Debra Ekman
  Contact Email
  Contact Phone 301-983-5913

  Description of Seminar/Conference

Did you know that most dog bites to children happen while their parents are right there supervising? Or that dogs often dislike the ways
that children show affection? Have you learned how to read your dog's stress signals and when to intervene?

You want your child and your dog to have a great relationship, but that's not likely to happen without your guidance -- no matter how sweet your dog is or how much your child loves dogs.

Noted dog trainer and author, Colleen Pelar, will help you understand what is happening when children and dogs get together. Her videos will show you what to look for, and her insights will teach you what to do. What you will learn is too important to miss!

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