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  Title Health, Development, and Life Stages of Dogs - CBCC-KA Exam Study Course
  Speaker Amy L. Pike, DVM, DACVB

Ongoing webinar course

  Location Online Live Webinar
  Fee $385.00


  Host Organization E-Training for Dogs, Inc.
  Contact Person Cheryl Aguiar, PhD
  Contact Email
  Contact Phone 970-231-9965

  Description of Seminar/Conference

This 9 lecture CBCC-KA exam study course is specifically designed to help the student study and prepare for the Content Area - Health, Development, and Life Stages. Registrants will receive: Systematic review of the CBCC-KA test subjects and study objectives; Many practice questions; Access to a private ACTIVE, CBCC-KA-instructor led Facebook group with quiz questions and discussion; Email access to the CBCC-KA instructor throughout the course; Access to the course material, live chats, and social media, for up to a year, or until you receive your test scores (and a Pass!) from the CCPDT.

The purpose of this course is to:
(1) Objectively consider the health and medical status of a dog presenting with behavior problems;
(2) Understand how a dog’s development impacts their behavior,
(3) Prevent problem behaviors in dogs through socialization and training; (4) Have a working knowledge of the available products and medication; and,
(5) Study for and take Section IV of the CBCC-KA examination.

This course covers all of the listed topics in detail from the CCPDT handbook for CBCC-KA study objectives, Content Area IV.

Please note that this course is not affiliated with nor endorsed by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT). To prevent any conflicts of interest in both the presentation of this material and the CCDPT, certification by the CCPDT is independent from this study preparation


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