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Becoming a Behavior Consultant, the Human in the Middle


Chris Redenbach CDBC, CBCC-KA


Online Course


Webinar-Available Ongoing


$395.00 – Introductory Offer good through January 31, 2016


23 CCPDT (21 CBCC-KA);

  Host Organization E-Training for Dogs, Inc.
  Contact Person Cheryl Aguiar, PhD
  Contact Email
  Contact Phone 970-231-9965

  Description of Seminar/Conference

This online 13 lesson course is designed to give you an in depth introduction to the scientific, ethical, theoretical and practical knowledge needed by a well-rounded professional animal behavior consultant. If you are attempting certification with CCPDT, IAABC or NADOI, this course will be of great help aligning you with the principles of those organizations and preparing for their certification tests. If you are a serious student of animal behavior, dogs and the people they captivate, this course will open doors to a lifetime of ongoing learning.

You will gain an understanding of the knowledge needed to be an expert canine behavior consultant. There are many aspects animal behaviorists study in a 4 or more year college education, such as ethics, scientific method, logic, human psychological dynamics, ethology, comparative psychology, normal/abnormal physiology and much more. Though this course will not cover everything a behaviorist studies and masters, we will provide a background in many of these disciplines in this course and set you up to further your studies as you desire.

The final homework will require you to prepare a formal case study. This case study can be used as part of your application to the IAABC or NADOI (along with other requirements only you can provide). We want to see you take the knowledge gained from this course and become a Certified member of the IAABC or NADOI. It will also help prepare you for the CBCC-KA exam.


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