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  Title Recognizing and Understanding Emotions in Dogs During Training and Work Sessions
dog-ibox webinar
  Speaker Dr. Esther Schalke (Germany)
  Date(s) Thursday, November 9, 2017
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1 – 3 pm EST (1-hour session)
Online Seminar / Webinar


$24 for dog-ibox members
$39.90 for non-members

  CEUs 2 points for CCPDT, KPA, IAABC and PPG
  Host Organization dog-ibox
  Contact Person Corinne Kaelin
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  Description of Seminar/Conference

"How does my dog feel during walks and training?"

Taking a walk or engaging in a training session should always be fun - for both, dog and handler.
But does my dog really enjoy it or does a certain exercise or having to look at another dog stress him out?
Are we really a harmonious team? These are questions many dog owners, but also dog trainers ask themselves.

Using body language, each dog tells us his emotions during shared activities. This allows us to recognize how the dog feels in that specific situation.
Stress, fear, insecurity, as well as joy and arousal are constantly communicated. For a most effective and pleasant training, it's crucial to recognize those emotions and to adapt the training accordingly.
Also on a walk each handler should realize if his dog enjoys approaching another dog or if the dog is sceptic and stressed.

During this webinar, Dr. Esther Schalke will focus on a dog's body language. You will learn how to "read" your dog and use this information in your training sessions and on your walks. You will learn how to improve your training by better observation of your furry friend.



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