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  Title All About Prompts! (working & non-working spots)
  Speaker Susan Smith, CPDT-KA, CDBC

September 19, 2012
10:00am-11:00am Central Time

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Raising Canine Telecourse
(This course is available on audiotape
after the presentation date.)

  Fee $30.00
  Host Organization Raising Canine
  Contact Person Susan Smith
  Contact Email
  Contact Phone 512-916-4007

  Description of Seminar/Conference

There are many nuances to training that require a deeper understanding than might at first be apparent. Prompts are certainly one of those areas. Understanding prompts and their purpose, and how to use them effectively, will better enable you to help your clients with one of the stickiest wickets in dog training – fading the lure!

In this one-hour remote course, we will discuss the following topics:

  • What is a prompt
  • The science of prompts
  • What is the purpose of a prompt
  • How to fade prompts
  • Problems with clients & prompts
  • Helping clients fade prompts

Those who signed up for the working spot will be assigned a homework assignment, to be video recorded and submitted to Raising Canine. Raising Canine will evaluate the video and return that evaluation to the participant.

All working spot participants MUST have access to a video camera and a dog that has not been trained in "rollover" or "stand." Participants must be familiar with training "rollover" and "stand" - this course will not address teaching those behaviors. Additionally, video must be submitted to Raising Canine by e-mail or file transfer.Total video must not be longer than 10 minutes. Video will not be returned to the participant and may be used in future Raising Canine educational programs. By purchasing this course purchaser understands and agrees that Raising Canine may use videos and photos of purchaser and/or any dog purchaser may train for commercial, educational and promotional purposes.


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