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  Title “Bite-O-Meter” Behavior Workshop -- Dog-Dog & Dog-Human Aggression
  Speaker Sue Sternberg
  Date(s) July 29, 2013
  Location Orlando FL
  Fee $135
  CEUs 6.5
  Host Organization Puppyworks
  Contact Person Arie Kopelman
  Contact Email
  Contact Phone 917-699-6440

  Description of Seminar/Conference

Comprehensive review of body language and facial expression. A wide
variety of video and live dogs show the range of dog signals. Attendees
will also evaluate the interaction, so they develop the observation skills
and learn to interpret what they are seeing, up close -- how aggressive
dogs telegraph a bite long before they growl, snarl or snap. Emphasis
will be primarily on dog-dog interaction.

Participants will be divided in groups and work directly on scoring
behaviors using Sue’s Assess-A- Pet score sheets. You will read and
record the subtle signals of aggression. Critiques of many of the
individual score sheets will be given to help you hone your skills.

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