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  Title Building and Maintaining Veterinary Relationships
  Speaker Cara Vacchiano
  Location Raising Canine Seminar on audiotape
  Fee $35.00
  Host Organization Raising Canine
  Contact Person Susan Smith
  Contact Email
  Contact Phone 512-262-7103

  Description of Seminar/Conference

Have you built solid, working relationships with the veterinarians in your area? Would your business benefit from having veterinarians in your area actually seeking out clients for you? Do you know how the veterinarians in your area feel about your dog training skills? About dog trainers and behavior consultants in general? Cara Vacchiano will show you how to build and maintain active, working relationships with veterinarians in your area. You'll learn how to approach vets for the first time; how to get your foot in the door to meet not only the doctors but their staff as well; how to convince the veterinarians that their clients should be seeing you; and how to maintain and build on those relationships over time. A can't-miss telecourse for any dog trainer or behavior consultant!


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