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  Title Working with Fearful Dogs & Creative Client Coaching
  Speaker Nicole Wilde
  Date(s) May 28 & 29, 2011
  Location Vancouver, BC

Before 12/31/10 $225 both days. After: $250 Sat. & Sun., $155 Sat. only, $130 Sun. only

  Host Organization Release the Hounds
  Contact Person Nicole Perry
  Contact Email
  Contact Phone 604-327-DOGS

  Description of Seminar/Conference

Working with Fearful Dogs - Saturday May 28

Many dog owners, shelter/rescue workers, trainers, and other canine professionals find anxiety, fears, and phobias to be among the most challenging behaviors to treat.

This information-packed workshop combines lecture, photographs, and extensive video footage to explore the art of working with fearful dogs, with some overlap into fear-based aggression.

Topics include:

  • Causes and prevention
  • How fear manifests
  • Recognized and lesser-known stress signals
  • How to work with fearful dogs in the home
  • Suggestions for group classes
  • A Firm Foundation program on which dogs can build confidence
  • Skills owners should know
  • Skills to teach dogs
  • What training equipment is (and is not!) appropriate

Interactive exercises include participation in solving a fear-related case

You will also get an overview of how complementary therapies can make
your treatment plans even more successful.

Creative Client Coaching - Sunday May 29

This fun-filled, interactive seminar will help you to become a better coach
to your clients. You will learn techniques to communicate more clearly, increase motivation, gain compliance, and solve problems creatively.

Both dogs and humans will become better trained, and coaching will become a smoother, more pleasant experience for you as well.

You will get plenty of tips and techniques for working with clients (especially the difficult ones), learn how to handle challenging training situations, participate in the video game, "Catch the Trainer's Mistakes!" and view plenty of creative games you can play in private sessions and group classes to make learning more fun for everyone.

You will come away with lots of new tools for your toolbox and ideas you will want to try out with your clients.

Nicole's seminars are high-energy, interactive, and always entertaining. So get ready for a fun and informative learning experience!

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