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  Title Dog Daycare: Beyond The Leash
  Speaker Nana Will
  Date(s) January 9 & 10, 2010
  Location Boulder Colorado
  Fee $350.00, $50.00 off each additional registrant from your facility
  Host Organization A Dog's Eye View and Both Ends of The Leash
  Contact Person Ellie Storch
  Contact Email
  Contact Phone 720.938.7224

  Description of Seminar/Conference

Doggie Daycare — there is nothing out there like it. As a dog day care professional, you already know a lot about dog behavior. And you also know working with a large group of dogs is much different than dealing with one dog on one leash! Dog daycare and other similar dog care models have formed a new paradigm of dogs playing and interacting in large groups – creating a need for another level of understanding canine behavior.

If you take care of dogs in a pack situation, you need this seminar! Testimonials

At the end of this seminar you will have increased your understanding of dog behavior, your ability to recognize subtle communication and have the tools to effectively manage a large group of dogs comfortably and safely as well as the tools to effectively train staff efficiently and thoroughly. Whether you want to strengthen your skills, communication and understanding, increase the knowledge of your dog daycare staff bringing them to a higher level of understanding dog behavior than ever before or to train new entry-level dog daycare employees providing them the necessary skills needed to manage the dogs like a pro quickly, everyone benefits from this seminar – including the dogs!

Seminar topics accompanied by extensive video footage (well over 100 video clips!) include ethology, dog’s natural instincts, operant and classical conditioning, our influence on the dog’s behavior, assessing and evaluating dog behavior; pack dynamics, canine body postures, calming signals, signs of stress, arousal and aggression, understanding greeting, play, breed specific behaviors, as well as strategies for managing play, introducing new dogs, handling inappropriate behaviors, nap time, barking, toilet issues and more.

  • Identify what a dog is going to do before it happens.
  • Decipher the intricacies of the canine communication system — what one dog is saying to another.
  • Understand the communication of both individuals dogs and packs as a whole.
  • Minimize negative interactions between pack members.
  • Manage large groups of dogs safely and effectively using dog-friendly methods.
  • Monitor play groups so all involved are having fun.
  • Know what appropriate play is, when it is not, and what to do about it.
  • Detect the early warning signals to prevent incidents from occurring.
  • Recognize signs of escalation in stress, play, arousal and aggression.
  • Have a protocol in place to break up a fight safely.
  • Evaluate and introduce new dogs into your pack smoothly.
  • Make appropriate selections of dogs for your play groups.
  • Set up a safe socializing environment.
  • What is needed for puppies, timid, and small dogs.
  • Understand the different play styles and the games dogs play.
  • How breed specific behaviors play into pack dynamics.
  • Track regulars - how & why.
  • Bring your dog care staff to a high level of expertise efficiently and effectively.
  • Incorporate a thorough staff training into your dog daycare program.
  • Use effective dog-friendly training techniques and procedures to keep your dogs safe and happy.
  • Control excessive “pack” barking by your dogs.
  • Create an environment that is calm and quiet – even if you host 50 dogs a day!
  • Make your dog day care facility a behaviorally friendly place.
  • Get the Nuts & Bolts of It — how to integrate it into your facility.
  • Gain the ability to quickly solve situations as they arise.
  • Reality of Logistics — working within the means of your facility.

This two-day seminar is limited to 12 people.

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