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  Title The Myth of Gender in Companion Animals and Its Effects on Spaying & Neutering
  Speaker Amanda Leonard.
  Date(s) Sunday, October 23rd, 2011
  Location 7315 Georgia Ave, NW, Washington DC 20012
  Fee $10; Shelter or Rescue groups:
$7 per person when four or more persons attend
  Host Organization The Washington Humane Society's Behavior & Learning Center
  Contact Email

  Description of Seminar/Conference

When encouraging owners to spay or neuter their pets, spay/neuter campaigns often focus on educating owners about overpopulation,
unwanted litters, and health and behavior benefits. Despite this, many owners are still uncomfortable with or blatantly against having this surgical procedure performed on their pet. This innovative seminar addresses an often-overlooked influence on spay/neuter decisions: masculinity and gender identity.

Following the seminar, we will host a Q&A session and group discussion. Shelter/rescue staff, volunteers, and animal professionals won't want to miss this cutting-edge look at this important topic.

We will discuss:

  • How anthropomorphism influences spay/neuter decisions,
  • the myth of gender in companion animals,
  • how dogs are used to construct masculine identity,
  • testicular implants for dogs, a.k.a."Neuticles",
  • how to use this information in spay/neuter campaigns, and much more!


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