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  Sarah Kalnajs B.A. / CDBC / CPDT or
Madison, Wisconsin

Seminar Topics and/or Area of Specialty

Canine Body Language - Fear, Aggression and Stress, The Expert Witness Experience, Behavioral Well Being through Mental Stimulation (No Bored Dogs)!, Behavior Assessments for Rescues and Shelters


Sarah Kalnajs is a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants) and Certified Pet Dog Trainer (Association of Pet Dog Trainers) with over ten years experience working in canine behavior, training, and research. She is the owner of Blue Dog Training & Behavior in Madison, Wisconsin (

Sarah is a professional member of the ABMA (Animal Behavior Management Alliance), APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers), IAABC (International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants), and the IAACAB (International Institute for Applied Companion Animal Behavior). She is one of the editors of the peer-reviewed “Dog Trainers Journal” (, and is a member of the advisory board and faculty of Cynology College ( specializing in the areas of shelter and rescue behavior, evaluation, and modification in shelter settings.

Sarah is an honors graduate of the University of Wisconsin - Madison and has completed post-graduate work at Edgewood College and through the Kewalo Basin Marine Mammal Research Lab at the University of Hawaii. She is one of the first international students to complete the Canine Behavior Program conducted through the Etologisk Institut under the mentorship of Dr. Roger Abrantes in Denmark.

In addition to her private practice, Ms. Kalnajs is president of Wisconsin American Eskimo Rescue, Manager of Behavior and Training Programs at Lakeland Animal Welfare Society and political liaison for the Wisconsin Dog Rescue Coalition (

Sarah is the producer of the popular and highly praised DVD series, “Language of Dogs” and “Am I Safe”.

A popular speaker and freelance writer, Sarah has presented seminars nationwide on topics relating to dog training and behavior. She has been interviewed by BBC radio, NBC television, Wisconsin Public Radio, Women's Health & Fitness magazine, and Honolulu magazine, and has written articles for APDT Chronicle of the Dog, Madison magazine, and other publications.




  Day 1-- "Puppies, Play & Problems: How to Understand Puppies and use Play to Avoid Problems!" and "No Dog is an Island: A Holistic Look at Body Language
Day 2--"Dogs at Play" and "What's Mine is Mine, What's Yours is Mine: Dogs and Resource Guarding"
  Sarah Kalnajs
  May 14 & 15, 2016
  New Orleans, LA


  Dog Body Language & Play
  Sarah Kalnajs
  August 15 & 16, 2015
  San Mateo, California



Day of the Puppy and Resource Guarding:
The Preventable Epidemic

  Sarah Kalnajs
  October 12, 2014, 9:30am-5:00pm
  New Orleans (Harahan), LA

  The Five "Faux Paws"
  Sarah Kalnajs

October 11, 2014, 9:30am-5:00pm

  New Orleans (Harahan), LA

  A Weekend with Sarah Kalnajs
  Sarah Kalnajs
  May 3-4, 2014
  Parkville, Missouri

  Development of Canine Behavior Problems:
Contributing Factors and Real Solutions
  Sarah Kalnajs
  April 5-6, 2014
  Lakewood, Colorado



  The Canine Aggression Seminar
  Sarah Kalnajs
  September 21 & 22, 2013
  Madison, WI

  Training & Managing Dog Groups
  Sarah Kalnajs & Dr. Grey Safford
  August 24 & 25, 2013
  Long Beach CA

  The Language of Dogs: Understanding the Canine Communication Code: Parts one and two
  Sarah Kalnajs, CDBC & CPDT
  August 3-4, 2013
  Seattle Washington

  Deciphering the Canine Code with Sarah Kalnajs
  Sarah Kalnajs
  April 20th-21st, 2013
  Charleston, South Carolina


  CARMAA, Inc. Presents Sarah Kalnajs
  Sarah Kalnajs, B.A., CDBC, CPDT
  April 30, 2011 - May 1, 2011
  Pittsburgh, PA

  Canine Body Language: a Visual Encyclopedia and Risk Assessments, Including Serious Aggression in Puppies
  Sarah Kalnajs
  April 23rd & 24th, 2011
  Rochester, MN

  2011 R.E.A.D. Regional Rendezvous
  Sarah Kalnajs
  Atlanta, GA


  Deconstructing the Growl: Perspectives on Canine Aggression
  Dr. Sophia Yin and Sarah Kalnajs
  October 17th and 18th, 2009
  Atlanta, GA

  The Language of Dogs
  Sarah Kalnajs
  April 25, 2009
  Fairfax, Virginia


  Canine Behavior Problems
  Pat Miller & Sarah Kalnajs
  December 6 & 7, 2008
  Riverside, California


  Behavior Assessments for Shelters
  Sarah Kalnajs
  Raising Canine Seminar on audiotape


  Leash Reactivity & Leash Aggression
  Sarah Kalnajs

Raising Canine Seminar on audiotape

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