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Kathy Kawalec
Manhattan, IL

Seminar Topics and/or Area of Specialty

Holistic and Partnership Driven Dog Training, Sheepdog Herding Training and Coaching, Dog Business Development


Dog Trainer. Coach. Author. Workshop and Seminar Leader.
Creator of The Cognitive Dog Training System
Founder of Dancing Hearts Holistic Learning Center

Kathy Kawalec is passionate about helping people and their dogs be brilliant life, dog sports, agility, herding, competition...anything and everything! It all starts with teaching PEOPLE to be the kind of trainer dogs can really understand.

Confused, worried and frustrated dog lovers are drawn to Kathy’s eager optimism for finding solutions to their struggles. Clients love her humor and compassion, realizing that she is their strongest advocate and biggest fan. They feel heard and understood and they trust her open, honest and kind guidance.

Making the Connection for People and their Dogs
Among Kathy’s strongest gifts is her ability to identify and solve dog behavior and performance issues, AND to teach her clients to use her system to do the same! Her intuitive and right-on insights transform a rocky relationship between a person and their dog every time. Many struggles can be traced to a breakdown in communication or misunderstood intentions, and Kathy is a specialist in clearing the channels so good communication can flow again.

The pleasure of being able to walk a well-mannered dog anywhere.
Teaching a herding breed dog to be a top notch sheepdog using Kathy\'s positive, collaborative method.
Being able to call a dog anytime, and she eagerly runs towards her person just as fast as she can.
Just imagine that amazing feeling as a dog sport competitor comes off a great run...the partnership, the skill, the is an incredible experience that everyone who performs or competes with their dog loves to have.

Having a beautiful partnership starts with teaching a dog’s person how to understand and properly communicate with their dog. Kathy’s clients learn to see struggles and challenges from their dog’s perspective, and they learn how to remedy those struggles by being a competent collaborator with their dog.

Kathy explains:
"When we ‘speak’ clearly in our dog’s natural language and listen carefully to our dog’s feedback, powerful understanding between us and our dog is possible. Communicating in this way makes training simple and fun...and makes us a trainer our dog really understands.”

A Mission of Love
A lifelong love affair with animals and more than 35 years of training and showing horses and dogs has presented Kathy with her fair share of failed attempts and struggles to ‘get it right’. Discovering ways around these obstacles has opened up pathways that would not have been possible otherwise. These challenges led Kathy to become an expert in dog behavior, positive training, a ‘holistic approach’ to everything, the human-animal bond, the mind-body connection, communicating with animals and so much more.

Always an eager learner and seeker...sharing her knowledge and experience with others and helping to make the world a better place for dogs and their people, is what excites Kathy and what motivates her to be an ambassador for kind, compassionate, loving and effective dog training.

She is not afraid to calmly and firmly stand as an advocate against any type of training that is based on dominance or (she can’t stand the thought) methods that use force or devices like prong collars, choke collars or e-collars. “Using these types of abusive methods and devices and calling it ‘training’ clearly shows lack of imagination on the part of the ‘trainer’ and is simply a lazy and poor substitute for real, heart-centered, partnership-driven training”, Kathy admonishes.

"Better results, a great relationship and a happy dog is what is possible when we approach training with an open mind and an open heart."

A sheepdog herding enthusiast and expert, Kathy hopes that her success at training multiple border collies to be world-class competitive sheepdogs, including those she's bred and raised and those she's rescued as adults, will inspire many to abandon the 'old ways' and commit to train their herding dogs with her collaborative methods that feel great to both dogs and people!!

Whether working one-on-one with a client in person or on the phone...or teaching intimate workshops...or presenting to larger groups -- discerning people who love dogs rave about the inspiring, practical and proven strategies they take away.


  The Foundation Formula: Dog Training Redesigned
  Kathy Kawalec
  beginning February 3, 2014 weekly for 10 weeks
  Online Course

  Free Dog Training Video Series: "5 Steps to a Brilliant Partnership"
  Kathy Kawalec
  January 23, 25, 28, 30, 2014
  Online Course


  Holistic Toolkit for Dogs-Optimal Behavior, Training and Performance
  Kathy Kawalec
  July 9, 2013

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